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Application Scope of Chain Hoist


1. What is a chain hoist

The chain hoist is a kind of equipment that can be used as a small lifting machine through three parts: a motor, a transmission mechanism and a sprocket. In the case of the chain hoist, its gears are quenched at high temperature according to the specifications, and the characteristics it has are incomparable compared with other hoists.

2. What are the applicable scales of chain hoists?

You can choose manual operation or semi-automatic operation, and even indoor operation or wireless remote control operation. Overall, its operation is very simple, so it can be used anywhere. For this reason, within the scope of application, it is more suitable for applications in large workshops, warehouses, logistics, and docks. Although its lifting weight is small, it does not mean that it has greater limitations. At least for objects other than the weight scale, it can be lifted and transferred, which greatly facilitates manufacturers and merchants. In particular, in some places with harsh environments, the chain hoist can also be used. In addition to the fixed suspension, it can also be used for walking with a matching trolley. Such a feature makes it more and more widely used.

In addition to being used in industrialized places such as factories, it can also be used in shopping malls, transferring goods, or when putting on shelves. Even after proper transformation, it can also be used in some special places. This is one of the characteristics that other gourds do not have. Its use can also greatly improve work efficiency, and it is really a high-quality lifting equipment.
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