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Our strengths

01Brand advantages

Brand advantages

Specializing in the manufacturing of lifting equipment; Hugong Crane is a professional manufacturer and service provider of lifting machinery.

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02Company strength

Company strength

The product can be customized in bulk, and various special, non-standard, and specialized lifting machinery can be designed.

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03Fully certified

Fully certified

Strict requirements for quality, strict control over quality, active brand building, precise control and inspection of each product.

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04Thoughtful after-sales service

Thoughtful after-sales service

High quality products and services, striving for advanced, economical, practical, and reliable goals.

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About us
Shanghai Hugong Crane Machinery Co., Ltd. Henan Branch is an enterprise that produces lifting machinery such as electric hoists and chain hoists. A developed economy, convenient transportation, and effective resource allocation give enterprises the advantages of timing, location, and human resources. Become a good domestic manufacturer of electric hoists, chain electric hoists, and wire rope electric hoists.......
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Summary of some common faults of elect...

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