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Maintain Methods to Improve The Service Life of Electric Hoist


The quality of production determines the service life of the electric hoist, but if you want to extend the life of the electric hoist in the later stage, it is inseparable from good protection and maintenance. Proper maintenance can not only extend the service life, but also increase the flexibility of electric hoist operation.

There are many restrictions on the use of electric hoists. Before use, it is generally necessary to conduct a test run. After a series of standard no-load operations, it can be used normally. For electric hoists, it is necessary to focus on protecting the two major parts of the brake and the reducer. The two are important components of the electric hoist, and they are also parts that are prone to problems. We should check the protection regularly, and repair and replace them in time if they are damaged.

The maintenance work of the electric hoist is divided into the maintenance work during the installation process and the maintenance work in the post-installation process. New installations or dismantling of the electric hoist, in order to ensure normal operation, must be carried out no-load operation. The power-on operation cannot be carried out before the commissioning of the device, and the power-on and no-load can be carried out after the commissioning of the device. Regarding the protection and maintenance of the electric hoist in use, once the abnormal operation of the electric hoist is found, it is necessary to record the operation process of the electric hoist in time. Various values, and then carry out technical analysis to ensure that the rated load is below the load required for debugging. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the cleanliness of the oil to ensure that the oil is clean and free of impurities when the electric hoist is operating, and that the oil is flat and the amount of oil is moderate.

To sum up, it is very necessary to improve and standardize the protection and maintenance process of electric hoists. Electric hoists must be scientifically debugged before use, and then pay attention to the maintenance and repair of brakes and reducers during maintenance. This is the case for a long time. It can greatly extend its service life and improve power.

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