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Reasons Analysis for the Sudden Stop of The Electric Hoist


      The primary consideration is the poor contact of the high tro reel. When the electric hoist passes through the interface of the high tro reel, the electric hoist often stops suddenly, and the motor is burned due to lack of phase in severe cases. Some electric hoist high tro reel models are DHG-4-16/DHG-4-15, which is in a specially manufactured semi-closed engineering plastic conduit, embedded with a multi-pole copper guide rail with an insulating slot plate as a power transmission bus.  Due to factors such as the quality of the high tro reel and the on-site environment, the plastic shell of the high tro reel is fragile and severely deformed during transportation and installation, which increases the difficulty of installing the high tro reel. The interface of the high tro reel and the high tro reel is simply.misaligned, which often causes poor contact and phase loss or power failure when the collector passes through the interface, and the electric hoist suddenly stops.

      The second consideration is the collector, the collector model: JD-4-40S/JD-4-60, the built-in spring supports the sliding carbon brush and the high tro reel. In coastal areas where it is rainy, the air humidity is high and other environmental factors, the tension spring is simply rusted and fails, resulting in poor contact between the carbon brush and the high tro reel. However, there is a chamfer in the orientation of the carbon brush contacts. When the carbon brush enters the uneven high tro reel interface, the electric hoist has low inertia, and the carbon brush contacts cannot successfully pass through the interface, resulting in poor contact of a certain phase of the current collector.

Then consider the use of electric hoist. When the electric hoist hoisting equipment is used in a non-standard manner, various kinds of slanted and inclined hoists appear. The electric hoist is skewed due to the force, which drives the current collector to violate the normal track, resulting in poor contact between the current collector and the high tro reel, resulting in phase loss or open circuit, which makes the electric hoist suddenly Suspended, in severe cases, the motor is often burned due to lack of phase.

      In order to eliminate the bad situation of the collector and the high tro reel, we firstly strengthen the orientation of the high tro reel interface to ensure that the interface is as flat as possible; the second is to replace the rusted spring of the collector, and at the same time polish the carbon brush contact to make the contact more smooth , Eliminate the uneven gap due to the high tro reel interface, and ensure that the contact can effectively contact the high tro reel copper guide rail. The latter is to strengthen the technical disclosure of the electric hoist operators, and use the electric hoist in a correct and standard manner.

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