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Precautions Before Electric Hoist Running


1、 Preparation before running of electric hoist
Before Running the electric hoist, establish a warning area for the hoisting area and the warning personnel to keep the hoisting only, and disclose the process to the hoisting personnel to jointly hoist the signal, so as to ensure the coordination of the actions of all operation posts and achieve safe construction. The command signal shall implement the rules of hoisting command signal (gb5082-85). The operator shall use the walkie talkie to transmit the lifting signal and the lifting command procedure.
Before operation, the operator of the electric hoist shall check whether the operation conditions meet the requirements, check the obstacle factors affecting the lifting operation, check the counterweight condition, and confirm the condition of each operation equipment of the winch; Check whether the magnification of the hook, wire rope and pulley block matches the lifted object; Check the technical condition of winch, especially the operation condition of hard safety protection equipment. At the same time, investigate whether the condition of each part is normal, whether the upper and lower pulley blocks are fixed safely and firmly, and whether the steel wire rope is correctly penetrated into the pulley of the pulley block; Whether the two upside down hanging points of the upper succeeding winch are firm. The normal operation can be carried out only when the functions of each part are normal.
2、 Confirmation of lifting points of lifting parts
The total length of the electric hoist is 3.1m. After the hook is fixed in the center, the components at both ends are basically the same. Use two 3T * 6m slings to fix at an angle of about 60 ° at both ends of the electric hoist, and find the lifting point to balance the lifting parts. After finding the lifting point, check the binding of each part, and tie the hemp rope for lifting.

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